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The story begins during lock down,

I come to my home-town due to nation-wide lock down & soon realize that my fiber connection provided to me by my local cable operator lies dead.

I have no way to get online apart from my phones hot-spot so i call up the cable operator, the cable operator agrees to activate my account but he was taking too much time. I was growing impatient and i began to hack.

First i gathered information at hand. well for starters my ISP uses PPPOE Authentication and the password is same as my username, which means…

December 1st 2019, National Highway Authority of India announced that it is mandatory for all vehicles in India to use FASTag. FASTag is a technology used to automate the process of paying toll at a toll plaza on national highways.

One thing I knew for sure is that most windshield tags like FASTag work on RFID technology & I have worked on RFID projects during my college day so i started gathering information about FASTag.

You see RFID tags are passive devices, which means they do not have any battery or source of energy, they rely on a reader to…


Hack the Planet 🌎

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